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Capoeira - Small Groups (limited to 4 individuals)

By learning the Afro-Brazilian martial art of capoeira, individuals can target specific goals such as social skills, communication, identifying emotions, body control, and identity formation. The small group size allows for children and adolescents to practice their skills with peers in a therapeutic setting, which can then be applied at home, school, and in our community.

Superparent Self-Care (limited to 6 individuals)

This small group is a time to honor all the hard work and sacrifices that you make (of course because that's what engaged parents do) but more importantly because we all need support. Come together with individuals who also understand that the struggle is real when we are carrying our child(ren), their lunches, our work bags, and trying to get anywhere on time!

Capoeira Workshops

Capoeira is an excellent way foster diversity training, team building skills,  conflict resolution, persistence, and healthy communication. If you'd like to bring a capoeira workshop to your organization, please contact us via email at

Service Learning Scholarships

Due to our strength-based approach at Kueichebe Counseling, we do not provide services through insurance companies which often require a diagnosis to reimburse payment for services. Consequently, we understand that it may be difficult for individuals to access care when paying out of pocket. In an effort to encourage each other to become more involved in our community, individuals may choose to complete a Service Learning activity and apply for a scholarship to make services more affordable.

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